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In today’s era, cosmetic world is full of dealings which aim at enhancing or improving the skin appearance. Laser hair removal/reduction is one of these popular techniques among cosmetic procedures. People in almost every cities are now concerned about their looks. Whether metro cities or non-metro cities, every person have to face the issue of unwanted hair growth. Nowadays, even men are also going for the hair removal treatments to get a metro sexual look. AK Clinics offer a range of cosmetological solutions, which will allow you to look young and fresh for a longer time. We have laser hair removal clinics in Delhi, Bangalore and Ludhiana which offers you the best and affordable cost for laser hair removal.

Living in the world where falling necklines, thin spaghetti straps and short pants top are in the fashion, everyone wants the revealing skin to be hair free. Hair removal creams and epilators do offer you a temporary solution but don’t you get tired of using them every month or regular. We at AK clinics, offer you a permanent solution for unwanted hair in the form of laser treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal/Reduction?

Laser Hair Removal technique is one of the most advanced procedures for removal of unwanted hair it’s faster and more comfortable. Simple and permanent unwanted hair reduction solution and known to be one of the safest hair reduction option too; it is an alternative to plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis, or chemical depilatories. The reason why this is not called permanent hair removal is because almost invisible hair may still be left after the complete treatment.

How Does the Laser Hair Removal Procedure Work?

This laser treatment for hair removal works on the principle of selective photothermolysis (SPTL). The process is to use a specific match of wavelength & pulse duration to get the optimal effect on the targeted hair follicles. The efficacy of the procedures depends on the cause of unwanted hair and the skill of the clinic; some patients may require touch sessions after completing the complete cycle of sittings.

Laser hair removal Clinic in Delhi

Laser beam first passes through the epidermal layer of skin and further to the hair follicles

Full body laser hair removal

Laser gets absorbed by the hair shaft and heat is generated around the hair follicle due to high beam intensity

Laser hair removal cost in Delhi

Generated heat damages the hair follicles and impedes the hair growth, resulting in hair free skin

Areas treated with Laser For Men & Women

We treat almost every kind of unwanted hair for both Men & Women. At AK Clinics, our motive is to provide comfort and excellent results. We most treated the areas include face laser hair removal or facial hair removal, bikini line laser hair removal, Leg Laser hair removal. But a complete detail is given as below.

Upper Lip

For women, hair on upper lip is displeasure. There are various painful methods like wax, plucking which helps to remove hair but you have to do on regular basis. To get rid of this, more and more people are going for laser hair removal on upper lip.


Several women have undesirable hair around the chin area too. Laser hair removal of chin will hardly takes 15 minutes and is a straightforward procedure.


Neck is quite the common part to have laser hair removal for men or women. Neck laser hair removal is the most suitable for people having light skin and dark hair. Every type of laser and IPL can be used for laser hair removal.

Area treated with laser hair removal

Cheeks & Side locks

Women have to deal with unpleasant hair and wish for clear and smooth skin. On regular basis, they have to do wax, shave and bleach to hide the facial hair. Frequent use of these can irritate the skin. Facial hair removal is a quick process. A sequence of facial hair removal treatments can be life changing and gives you confidence. You may require touch up treatments if you want to keep the hair at bay.


No one wants the tufts of hair which are poking out of ears. Laser ear hair removal is the recent technique which can help you to get rid of these unwanted hair from the ears. This technique uses the pulse light that works to impair the hair follicle. This treatment can require multiple sessions and can be costly too.

Upper Torso

It is no furtive that you are much confident having unsightly hair on your arms, under arms, legs, back etc. having hair on your upper body can bound you to select clothes and can make you uncomfortable in daily life. Do not let the hair to be the reason for keeping your full sleeves shirt on. Repeat shaving can make skin prone to ingrown hair, cysts or dark skin with marks. Go for laser hair treatment. You can go for full body laser hair removal. First hair is smashed using laser, hair will shed out completely and pores in the skin will close making your skin smooth and silky.

Lower Extremity

Laser hair removal treatment works better on the area having dark, thick or coarse hair. Legs often are the best hair removal for men and women through laser treatment. As the skin is thick on legs, you will experience almost minimal pain. Apart from this, there are few experiences in life which are bumpier or awkward than getting a bikini wax. Shaving always led to ingrown hair and uneven hair growth. Laser hair removal therapy can help you to attain a smooth, attractive skin. You may require sittings for proper results but unlike waxes, you don’t have to grow your hair out stuck between sessions, and you can uphold a groomed bikini area through shaving until your next appointment.

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal treatment in India depends on certain factors which are;

Average cost of laser hair removal treatment for full face ranges between Rs. 3000-12,500 per session depending on which body area is being treated You may need more sittings for the proper hair removal. Laser hair treatment can be done on actively growing hair. You may need minimum of 6-8 sessions to get rid of unwanted hair.

City Face Side locks Chin Lower legs Neck Bikini line
Laser Hair Removal Cost in Delhi 3,000/- to 4,000/- 1,800/- to 2,000/- 1,800/- to 2,000/- 7,000/- to 8,000/- 2,800/- to 3,200/- 2,800/- to 3,200/-
Laser Hair Removal Cost in Ludhiana 3,000/- to 4,000/- 1,800/- to 2,000/- 1,800/- to 2,000/- 7,000/- to 8,000/- 2,800/- to 3,200/- 2,800/- to 3,200/-
Laser Hair Removal Cost in Mumbai 4,000/- to 4,500/- 2,000/- to 2,500/- 2,000/- to 2,500/- 8,000/- to 8,500/- 3,000/- to 3,500/- 3,000/- to 3,500/-
Laser Hair Removal Cost in Bangalore 4,000/- to 4,500/- 2,000/- to 2,500/- 2,000/- to 2,500/- 8,000/- to 8,500/- 3,000/- to 3,500/- 3,000/- to 3,500/-
Laser Hair Removal Cost in Chennai 4,000/- to 4,500/- 2,000/- to 2,500/- 2,000/- to 2,500/- 8,000/- to 8,500/- 3,000/- to 3,500/- 3,000/- to 3,500/-

*The above prices are only indicative for various cities & different clinics and keep changing from time to time. Please get in touch with us for the best prices and package offers.

Area to be Treated

It is the most important factor to finalize the cost of the treatment. The more sensitive area, the more costly will be the treatment. Larger areas are costly as compared to small ones as it also takes a long time.

Sessions Require

The procedure requires number of sittings or sessions which are divided differently. Consult with your doctor and analyze the whole procedure criteria for your treatment. Higher numbers of session will increase the overall cost of treatment.

Type of Hair

Your hair type plays an important role in your laser hair removal. How dense and thick your hair are, how lengthy your hair are will determine the overall cost for the treatment.

Types of Laser System

The type of laser system to be used also influences the cost of the treatment. Recent or advanced laser machines will give better results and efficient or fast technology gives better results making treatment costly.

Standard of the clinic

The overall total cost of the treatment also depends on the standard, quality and location of the clinic from where you are getting your laser hair removal treatment. Well hygienic, fully equipped and modern devices with services which will be provided to you will determine the cost of your treatment.

Skin color

Skin color is the most important factor which is to be considered for the laser hair removal. Light skin is considered easy for laser hair removal than dark skin. It is little difficult to focus on hair only in the dark skin which needs more precision and takes more time. This will also increase the cost.

Laser Used for Hair Removal in India

There are number of wavelengths used as laser energy which are used for laser hair removal procedure in Ludhiana. For hair removal in specific areas, there are some lasers which are better and effective.

Intense Pulsed Light

This technique, most commonly called as IPL, is even currently in use for permanent hair removal. This is very effective in darker & coarser hair. Though the operating doctor need a lot of experience as this may also cause skin burns.


In this technique, individual hair are removed from the targeted body area. At AK Clinics, we have found this techniqueextremely helpful for white hair as other forms prove ineffective. After a fine probe is inserted in the hair follicle, the hair are removed wit tweezers.

Alexandrite Laser

This treatment is found most effective in finer and thinner hair. Though this technique is not much in use independently,as it could most effectively treat the light skin tones. In the darker tones it has tendency to burn the skin. The laser has very good skin penetration rate.

Pulsed Diode Array

It is considered as most suitable technology for laser hair removal. In this technique, a diode laser uses the semiconductor technology which targets specific chromophores in the skin. It offers the deepest penetration levels and superior melanin absorption.


This is the recent form of laser hair removal technique. “Nd” stands for Neodymium and “YAG” stands for yttrium aluminum garnet. This technique is mostly used for tattoo removal and hyper-pigmentation, but it can be used for removing hair too.

Specifications of Various Lasers

Laser Used Wavelength (nm) Light Source
Ruby 694.3 nm Deep red
Alexandrite 755 nm Near-infrared
Pulsed diode array 810 nm Near-infrared
Nd:YAG 1064 nm Near-infrared
Intense pulsed light (IPL is not a laser) 650 nm Not a laser

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal over Waxing/Threading


  • Very costly in long Run though Cost per session is less
  • Not a permanent solution and recurrence is high
  • No standards avaiable of the products used
  • No precision possible for smal areas like ears

Laser Hair Removal

  • Cost per session is high but very cost effective
  • Near permanent results in most patients
  • Completely medical procedure with standard machine & products & safe
  • High percision possible for targetting specific areas and coarse hair

Did You Know

1n 10 years, a women will spend an average of…



Time: 360 hours


Time: 180 hours
Laser Hair Removal


Time: 6 hours

8 Side effects and Risks of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You may experience following side effects after laser hair reduction but don’t worry, these side effects are common and rarely seen. They are not permanent & 100% recoverable or reversible with time. However, these side-effects can be minimized if laser hair treatment is performed by a skilled doctor.

What to expect during & after the LHR Procedure?

LHR is completely a non-surgical procedure. This is generally considered an office hour procedure with no downtime. Some of the people may experience mild burns but that is generally rare and 100% recoverable. This procedure is much better, cost effective and hygienic than a parlour waxing or razors

Some level of pain should be expected when undergoing Laser Hair removal procedure. Though we use anaesthetic creams to reduce the pain sensation. We also use icing during the procedure to even give a better experience of no pain sensation. Our doctors and technicians are very sensitive to patient’s discomfort and have large experience with lasers. We offer trial sessions to the patients so that they can make a informed choice.

Some of very rare incidents of hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation are also seen with diode lasers. Also some patients must have experienced acne and swelling around hair follicles. We have reduced the chances to negligible by choosing appropriate laser and custom settings for every patient. Some patients also are allergic to anaesthetic creams so we take measures to avoid pain.

Laser Hair Reduction on EMI with 0% Interest

Most commonly the procedure is called as Laser Hair Removal but no one in the world has seen 100% removal. The growth gets limited to unnoticeable thin hair. That is the reason that now the terminology is slowly changing to hair reduction rather than hair removal. After the complete procedure, some patients need maintenance sittings every 12-15 months.

Frequently Ask Questions

The laser used by us makes the procedure nearly painless. With very few before and after treatment guidelines to be ensured, make the whole procedure an absolute pleasure. This is the most effective, painless and permanent solution for full body hair removal. In addition, our laser is uniquely safe for all skin types including tanned skin, something that many other hair removal lasers are unable to offer.

No. the procedure requires no downtime or recovery time. You can return to work immediately after laser therapy.

Usually it takes almost 2 weeks for the treated hair to shed. As laser hair removal treatment reduces the hair growth, some hair may grow back after the treatment. After 6-8 sittings, there is reduction in hair growth and you will need sessions after long intervals.

Yes. Hair removal on dark skin tones is little complicated as the skin is highly pigmented along with the hair. Focusing on hair only is difficult in dark skin.

Laser hair removal can be performed anywhere on the body including the bikini, face, underarms, and legs. Most men choose to have their back, chest, and beard line treated. For full body hair removal in Delhi you could visit AK Clinics.

  • We use the latest State-of-the-Art Technology for the procedure
  • Affordable treatment
  • Minimal Pain (Painless)
  • Vaccum assiisted device for body hair removal

It is vital to thoroughly check the credentials of the doctor who will adjust the equipment based on your skin and hair colour, thickness of hair and several other parameters. Just because ‘zapping’ unwanted hair is convenient doesn’t mean you forego certain rules of hygiene and safety. First and foremost, you should not undergo plucking, waxing, or electrolysis for six weeks before treatment, as the laser targets the hairs’ roots, which have already been (although temporarily) removed by waxing or plucking. Also avoid sun exposure, six weeks prior & post laser therapy. Another extremely important precaution to take is protective eye gear to be worn. The technician also needs to test the treatment on a smaller area and ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams need to be provided to you, post-treatment. A gap of more than a month is required between sessions. Feel free to ask your surgeon, how many laser sessions he or she has conducted before signing for any treatment. Ensure that expertise level is high to prevent complications later on. Laser hair removal (LHR) works best on dark hair and light skin.

It actually depends upon the area, amount and density of the hair. Generally it takes 6-8 sittings which are 4 to 6 weeks apart. This is most effective at the time when the hair follicle is most pigmented.

Shaving, tweezing and waxing are traditional ways to remove unwanted hair, while laser hair removal is fast gaining popularity as a cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted hair. When hair follicles are beamed with highly concentrated light, it destroys the hair. Its main advantage, is mainly its speed, as small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, while large areas – the back or legs, barely require an hour.

There is no stipulated or mandatory number of sessions. Effect will differ from person to person as skin texture varies even between family members. Visible effects in the form of permanent hair reduction could on an average take four to six weeks, while some require even a dozen sessions for the same result. There have also been cases where people have been satisfied with their results across just two sessions.

Yes, facial hair removal for women is safe and effective.

Laser hair removal reduces the hair growth. If you have very thick, coarse hair, you will see an 85- 90% reduction in hair growth. Someone with fine hair will only see a reduction of approximately 45- 60%.

Reduction means that the coarse hair will become softer over sessions and eventually quite a percentage will become dormant and not grow. At the same time some patients who have hormonal issues may need maintenance sessions for long term.

Brown and black hair is the easiest to remove. White and grey hair, which lack pigment, will not respond to treatment. But at AK Clinics, we perform Electrolysis technique which is extremely helpful for white hair as other forms prove ineffective. After a fine probe is inserted in the hair follicle, the hair are removed wit tweezers.

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