Hair Transplant In Women

Losing hair might be tough for men, but for women, it is nothing short of traumatic, because for them, their hair is a part of their identity. So, when women start noticing excessive hair in their combs or towels, they start to panic and look for any way, in which they can cover up the hair loss.

What Is Hair Transplant In Women?

What is interesting is that most women think that hair transplant is meant only for men, but the truth is that hair transplant is not a gender specific procedure and can be done for men as well as women. Depending on the kind of hair loss, a transplant is an option to restore lost hair and recreate the ‘crowning glory’.

Here are the scenarios, wherein a transplant can be done successfully in women:

How is Hair Transplant in Women done?

As is the case with hair transplant in men, for women too, the process of a hair transplant is the same – follicular units or grafts are extracted from the donor area, and these grafts are carefully implanted into the area where there is thinning or balding.

Yet again, it needs to be established that a candidate is suited for the transplant and for that the following need to be factored in:

  • Extent of baldness
  • Quality and expanse of donor area
  • Density and thickness of hair in the recipient area
  • Results of the hair analysis test

Depending on the results of these factors, our doctors will be able to decide which kind of procedure will be most suited.

Steps in Hair Transplant for Women

Extraction of grafts from the donor area

The constant effort of our doctors is that the grafts should be extracted with minimum transection, and that there should be no damage to the donor area. The quality and the quantity of grafts, which would include the number of hair, are both important for a transplant that looks completely natural.

Transplanting the grafts in the recipient area

The grafts which have been extracted are then meticulously placed into small holes or slits, that are created in the recipient area. The experience of the doctor will be visible in the manner in which the grafts are placed. The most crucial aspects here are the direction as well the angle in which the hair is placed. These will ensure that the transplanted hair looks natural and grow in the same manner as the actual hair.

Is there a difference between transplant in men and women?

Naturally, men and women are different and the manner in which they grow hair and lose hair is also different. For starters, when men start to lose hair, they will start developing bald patches, whereas women will have more of a general thinning. This is why, transplants will also differ and here are some of the major differences:

  • In men, if there is not a sufficient donor area on the scalp, body hair transplant is possible, however, in women, this is not an option at all.
  • In men, there is a receding hairline, which is often associated with hair loss and once the same has been restored, there is an obvious change. However, in women, the frontal hairline is almost always preserved.
  • In most men, there is a permanent zone on the scalp, where there will always be hair, no matter the extent of the hair loss. This is the area that becomes the donor area, but with women, the donor area is not as stable, which is why the hair growth might be a little lesser.
  • What is perhaps the biggest difference between transplant in men and women is that most women are not willing to shave their head, which makes the entire transplant procedure a little tougher and lengthier.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of getting a hair transplant done are quite obvious:

  • You will have hair that is back to looking natural and healthy
  • Once the hair has been transplanted, you will be able to grow it to a length that you like and you will also be able to style it in a manner that you love
  • Getting your hair back, will most certainly bring back your confidence too
  • When done properly, transplanted hair can undergo anything, including vigorous dancing, strenuous workouts, colouring sessions and even swimming

Why get it done at AK Clinics?

Just as the case with a hair transplant for men, there are plenty of reasons why a hair transplant for women should be done at AK Clinics.

  • Our team of surgeons have several years of experience, and this means that the possibility of anything going wrong during the transplant procedure are minimal.
  • Our doctors are the best in their domain, but our support staff is no less, and they know exactly how to assist the doctors.
  • Our operating rooms are state of the art and the levels of hygiene are extremely high.
  • Our equipment and tools are extremely advanced and are at par with any international clinic.
  • While we offer the FUE method, we also offer something unique, Bio-FUE, wherein we will inject platelet rich plasma, which contains various growth factors derived from patient’s own blood. This will improve the healing and the growth of hair, while also improving the texture of the hair.

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